Should You Be Buying POS Supplies in Bulk?

Purchasing your supplies in bulk can save you time, money, and above all give you peace of mind.

One part of the cost of POS receipt paper is the shipping expense. Even though shipping costs may not be listed as a line item or listed as “FREE”, the expense is still considered when pricing a product for sale. When shipping in small quantities, transportation costs can be from 25% to 45% of your total price. Buying in bulk can greatly reduce those costs.

What constitutes a “bulk” order?

While different for everyone, average small bulk orders start at 10 to 15 cases of paper while the average standard-sized order would start at 25 to 50 cases. Mixing and matching paper items to reach larger quantities is usually an option. This practice allows you to reach a lower price-point by mixing thermal POS paper with bond kitchen printer rolls. Mixing and Matching further assist inventory control by maintaining the stock levels of all your roll types.

If purchasing in bulk makes financial sense and you have available storage space, you will want to contact a larger provider who can ship from multiple locations; a closer location means lower shipping costs. Also, working with a larger vendor can provide greater benefits as they leverage their volume while negotiating lower paper prices and better shipping rates. These savings can then be passed along to their customers.

Keep in mind; larger quantities may require a delivery vehicle with a lift gate. This will have to be discussed with your supplier at the time your order is placed.

Have questions about POS purchases?

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